About Us

About Us

The Frogs Hollow Brewing Company is an off-grid, sustainably operated, independent brewery on the Far South Coast of New South Wales. Located at the headwaters of the Frogs Hollow Creek near the township of Wolumla in the Bega Valley Shire, the brewery is surrounded by farmland and national parks which creates a wonderful setting to brew up some fantastic drops.  

Our connection to the local area and community is strong, with some of our beer names drawing inspiration from local places or attractions. We focus on using quality ingredients to create quality beers and where possible use local ingredients e.g. locally grown hops – we just want to keep things simple.

We’re a completely off-grid operation and have built or installed all the various buildings and services required to brew and run the brewery’s day-to-day activities. Our energy is generated by a 35kW solar setup which feeds into a 100kWh battery bank, with a back-up generator for redundancy. The water we use comes from the sky and is collected into 3 large water tanks around the property. This water is filtered and UV light treated before it goes into the brewing process. We also treat all our wastewater on site. We are constantly optimising our cleaning processes to use as little water for cleaning as possible and we make intelligent and sensible use of harsher cleaning chemicals. Once the waste water is treated, we use it to irrigate our property. Currently we compost our spent grains as part of a program to rehabilitate the land which was previously used as pasture for livestock.

As with any micro-brewery we’ll look to experiment and our range of beers will evolve over time, but we will also stay true to our philosophy of focusing on the quality of the beer and the rest should follow.

We currently operate as a wholesale producer, with our beer going straight to cans which are available through independent bottle shops and various restaurants across in the region. We do not operate a tasting or tap room and the brewery is not currently open to the public.

We hope you enjoy our beer and choose to visit the Far South Coast of New South Wales, to see this amazing land and what’s on offer.